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You don’t have to be a notebook expert (if such a thing exists) to know what features you don’t want… a cheap fragile cover that falls apart when you turn a page! The quality of your promotional product ultimately reflects on your brand and longer lasting products mean longer lasting brand exposure – win-win!


Here are some top tips for choosing the best notebook:


The quality of the PU cover material might not be easy to spot initially, but the quality makes a big difference. Cheap poorly finished PU will show marks and although it’s not always easy to avoid completely, treat grease marks as a warning. Also, the better the PU, the better the personalisation finish, especially with debossing as you want an exceptional crisp finish to really show the detail in your logo.


A notebook with a reinforced spine is an essential, there’s nothing worse than all your pages splitting at the binding and falling out. To test for this, hold the notebook with one hand on each side of the cover, letting the pages gravitate downwards. Looking from the side, on a well made notebook a straight well structured spine will be visible showing  that the pages are not stuck straight to the cover and are free to move. This helps maintain the quality of the notebook during its lifetime.


Check the pages between your fingertips to detect the paper quality. Are they thick and rich? Or are they thin and flimsy? Thin paper leaks ink through the page and is easily ripped. We’ve found approx. 80gsm is the perfect weight. Pages should be smooth and of a good quality to give a nice finish when writing. Look out for the type of paper too; is it lined, plain or graph paper and which will be best suited for you?


Does the notebook come in the right colour to suit your brand, the right size for what you want it to be used for and is the branding area for your logo large enough for your message?


Extras such as pen loops, pockets, elastic closures, and bookmarks also help to add a deluxe feel. Look out for a notebook with these charming added extras to stand out against the more basic alternatives.


Getting the right quality, in the right colour and size, with those added extra features all contribute to whether your promotional notebook will not only live long enough to keep being used time and again, but also to let those who use it know that your brand equals good quality.


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